One Day BA Refresher

Newly appointed firefighters and retained duty firefighters with little or no firefighting experience.

Course Outline
This course covers the skills and techniques that are required to be successful in the role of a firefighter allowing them to safely respond to an emergency situation. The course develops from learning how to use breathing apparatus safely to hot fire conditions. This would include BA set familiarization, entry control procedures, search and rescue techniques and guidelines.

To provide students with the necessary skills to be competent BA wearers including BA set familiarization, care and maintenance, entry control procedures, freesearch techniques and use of guidelines.

By the end of the course students will be able to

  • Describe the effects of heat on the human body
  • Carry out basic maintenance on a BA set including daily and standard tests
  •  Manage an Entry Control Board
  • Differentiate between the different stages of control
  • Lay a guideline
  • Freesearch
  • Lay a branch guideline
  • Search of a guideline/ branch guideline

This structured course will provide the individual with the basics of firefighting and use of breathing apparatus allowing them to become a useful member of their organisation's emergency response team. Individuals will benefit from the experience and knowledge of our trainers while undertaking practical training scenarios in hot, challenging, realistic conditions.

Delegates will be assessed by continual visual observation and questioning by experienced competent trainers. An attendance certificate will be awarded on completion of the course.

For further information contact the Breathing Apparatus Programme Manager at the Training and Development Academy by e-mail or phone 0151 296 5000


Course Length
10 Day

0900 to 1700



Previous BA experience essential

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